Minor Requirements

Minor in the Study of Religion

Students select their courses with the help of a program advisor.


Lower-level Requirements

Students must complete 12 credits at the lower level:

  • AMNE 160 (previously RELG 101) (3) and ASIA 110 (3)
  • RGST 200 (3) Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • One additional 3-credit course from list of approved 100-200 level courses which may include relevant languages.1

1 Students are encouraged to pursue language study appropriate and necessary to their area of interest, in conversation with their academic advisor.


Upper-level Requirements

Students must complete 18 credits at the upper level:

RGST 300 (3) Theory and Method in the Study of Religion
RGST 400 (3) Advanced Seminar in the Study of Religion
12 credits chosen from Areas A-D

For a list of approved courses in each of the four program Areas, please click here.